Our activity takes place in a total space of approximately 20,000 m2, divided into 3 pavilions:

  • Cutting and welding pavilion: approx. 7,000 m2, where the steel plate stock with an average of 500 Tn. being processed, comes from SSAB, and it is used for all our products except for the parts which are cast steel produced. Also the welding Works of all our products coming from the metal plate processing plant, are carried out in this plant, following a strict order with operators qualified for each production stage.
  • Offices, machining, painting and assembling pavillion: For the machining of all the parts that make our equipment, we use state-of-the-art machining and turning centres to achieve quality parts in competitive times. This parts will finally go to the assembling and painting area, which together with the production management for our group, our sales office and the R+D+I technical development department, cover the 9,000 m². of this building.
  • Stock warehouse: A 4,000 m2 warehouse stocks a full range of finished equipment, ready to move to the assembly phase.