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Xcentric Crusher, new series ‘A’

Xcentric has developed a new series of maintenance-free crushers

If there is a word that defines Xcentric, it is innovation. Following this premise, in recent months, we have developed a new series of crushing buckets, trying to improve even further the previous series, which were very well received by the market.

This new series models are characterized by a different operating mechanics system to the previous ones, and for being much simpler in terms of internal assembly.

In Xcentric we always work for the improvement in both the use and maintenance of their products, and in accordance with this principle, the new XC design does not need lubrication, nor a drainage line, thus expanding its possibilities of use and being able to do without maintenance.

The outside design has been slightly modified with respect to the previous series, and the possible combinations regarding the adjustment of the granulometry have been significantly increased. The different positions have also been numbered to make the adjustment easier.

This breadth of positions of the new granulometry system allows the material to be crushed to such a small size that we can achieve sand in some cases as the final result.

Another interesting novelty to highlight in these models is the ease with which we can now replace the jaws in case of wear, since the bucket can be opened completely to perform this operation.

This new series is still in development, with some of the models already available. The full range will be as follows: XC8, XC8 TH, XC9, XC13, XC19, XC21, XC24 and XC34.

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