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The Xcentric Screener is a high-performance screening bucket rotating trommel type. In its manufacturing several variants have been combined improving the traditional screening technology: a 12-sided polygonal trommel, shakes the material inside more efficiently; the hexagonal profile of the screening mesh, is the best choice between maximum yield and more homogeneous screening; the transmission between the main hydraulic motor and the trommel is done by a time belt; this belt is able to transmit a great torque, besides being free of maintenance and / or periodic tensioning; and the Powerboost system, which applies vibration to the trommel while turning greatly increasing production. It is a high frequency low amplitude vibration not affecting the mechanical part of the Xcentric Screener or the excavator.

We have 4 models of this accessory: XS20, XS40, XS50 and XS60.

To watch VIDEOS of the Xcentric Screener on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE

Photos of the Xcentric Screener working

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