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Benefits / Advantages of the Xcentric® Screener
  • Polygonal Trommel: the 12-sided polygonal trommel shakes the material inside more efficiently.
  • Trommel with greater length: larger screening area.
  • Large diameter roller bearing.
  • Hexagonal profile of the screen mesh: is the best choice between maximum yield and more homogeneous screening. The standard mesh sizes available are hexagonal with openings of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm.
  • Transmission by toothed belt: the transmission between the main hydraulic motor and the trommel, is done by a toothed time belt. This belt is able to transmit a great torque besides being free of maintenance and / or periodic tensioning.
  • Powerboost system: applies vibration to the trommel while turning, greatly increasing production. It is a high frequency low amplitude vibration that does not affect the mechanical part of the Xcentric Screener or the excavator. The Xcentric Screener can be supplied without the Powerboost option, being ready for later installation.
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