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Benefits / Advantages of the Xcentric® Crusher
  • High performance: in rock crushing and material recycling.
  • Higher profitability than mobile crushers.
  • Minimum maintenance: 50 hour greasing intervals.
  • 80% less consumables parts than conventional crusher buckets. No Toggles, No Springs, etc.
  • High inertia power train: 2 engines that give the necessary power to start full and in closed position.
  • Isolating jaw movement (PATENTED): ensures the material is crushed without compacting effect and giving greater production than conventional crusher buckets.
  • Anti-stagnation plate: innovative and simple (PATENTED). Continuously pushes the material preventing it from getting traversed or blocked, and directing it towards the outlet.
  • Simple and fast granulometry adjustment system: Allows adjustment of output size en less than 2 minutes , giving you an output product of 20mm to 210mm. (according to models)
  • Anti-skid Transmission: Higher production, less jams.
  • Wet material crushing: thanks to the Cross Top Jaws and its circular motion.
  • Double Effect: Double Effect Hydraulic System allows operators to simply reverse the crushing movement in the event of a product jam, without having to empty content.


  • Inertia wheels are placed inside and protected by the housing.
  • Cantilevered loading mouth: it avoids wear and fracture, also favouring loading and protecting the sides of the attachment.
  • Manufactured in Hardox 400: from the Swiss supplier SSAB. Maximum quality and resistance to wear (flexibility).
  • Cross top jaws: the movable jaw “bites” the wet material and along with the circular movement drags it towards the exit mouth.

Advantages and Benefits Crusher SERIE ‘A’

  • New kinematics, new jaw movement, which achieves high production rates and has significantly reduced stagnation, requiring less power supplied by the excavator.
  • More precise and simple granulometry adjustment, and with a greater range of possibilities. It reduces the time the operator needs to adjust output sizes.

  • It does not generate waste.

  • Redesigned power train, unstoppable.
  • It requires less power supplied by the excavator when working, so it consumes less and pollutes less.

  • The entire hydraulic system has been redesigned, protecting the machine against errors when installing in different excavators.

  • The replacement of the jaws in case of wear is very easy, since the bucket can be opened completely to perform this operation.
  • In some cases, depending on the material, sand can be obtained as the final result.
  • Made entirely of HARDOX 400.

  • Clean design without fairings.

  • The flow control valve makes the equipment easily interchangeable between excavators, with very low risk of failure due to poor hydraulic adjustment.

Advantages and Benefits XC5F

  • For small machines: skid steers, telehandlers and backhoes. -> Watch video
  • Unquestionably profitable production volumes.

  • New system of dumpers: very important acoustic reduction.

  • Direct drive of the hydraulic motor: reduces mechanisms.

  • Minimum and easy maintenance.

  • Input capacity for big material.

  • Fast and efficient change of granulometry.
  • It supports crushing in 2 directions: “forward” and “reverse”.

  • Very careful structural design.

  • Very fast and easy jaw replacement.
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