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Advantages of the Xcentric® Ripper

  • Production 2 to 5 times higher than hydraulic hammer
  • Minimum noise levels
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No daily lubrication required
  • Minimum wear parts consumption
  • Long life components and materials – Less fuel consumption m3 / ton produced
  • Less emissions per m3 / ton produced
  • Environmental protection (Bio lubricants)
  • Marine/under water operation without any modification
  • Easy operation
  • Improves operator comfort

Economic alternative for “Drilling and Blasting”

  • Higher safety.
  • No blasting emissions.
  • Less disturbance of the surroundings (noise / dust).
  • No long approval procedures required.
  • Better performance due to the small percentage of fines.
  • More precision for the separation of rock layers.

 Improvements in the series “Mining Series”

With the changes below mentioned, what has been achieved is to minimize the possibility of mechanical problems and to obtain greater force to break hard rock:

-> Design:

  • Housing:
    + Narrower, to have greater visibility, better for working in trenching…
    + Reinforced all around to prevent wear and cracks
    + Housing window, provides easy access to motors without disassembling the housing in case of failure
    + Window for easy inspection of the accumulator’s correct pressure
    + Accumulator protected by the housing to prevent the entry of stones
  • Lower pivot arm:
    + Cast reinforced (thicker in wear area)
  • Ripper arm:
    + Remodelled to balance the weight of the ripper so that the force is more vertically directed and focused
    + Fully reinforced with Hardox 400 along both sides
    + Cast reinforced around the hole for the pin

-> Mechanics:

  • A new drive pinion has been added to the eccentric assembly. The motor is now connected to this small pinion, developing a slower movement. This makes the ripper’s beat frequency slower (lower frequency) but provides a greater impact.
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