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Komatsu to launch Xcentric Ripper in 82 countries

Komatsu to Launch Worldwide Sales in “82 countries” of “Xcentric™ Ripper” Attachments for Use in Rock Breaking and Demolition Komatsu Ltd. (President & CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) (hereinafter “Komatsu”) has recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights for “Xcentric™ Ripper” attachments for use in rock breaking and demolition in 82 countries and regions of the world from Grado Cero Sistemas S.L. (President: Mr. Javier Aracama) of Spain. During the first half period of FY2013, Komatsu is going to launch sales of nine models, designed to fit 7- ton to 150-ton excavators in range, starting in China and the United States where strong demand is projected. Following these initial sales, Komatsu plans to engage in worldwide sales. Read whole Article